Fast-moving consumer goods therapy

by Erena Shingade

I want to expose myself for the love of the people

I would lurrve to flash my manmeat 

in the aisles of Countdown, 

the bakery section, specifically, 

among the unpackaged loaves of doughy bread, 

expose myself to a crowd of middle-aged equine enthusiasts 

or a family of sad accountants 

munching croissants and fleshy baps slowly 

for the love of the people. 


I can’t wait for love to come to me. 

Liberation is not in Jesus Christ or in Coke Zero or Burger Rings 

or in dark aisles of after-hours laundromats. 

Liberation is in sharing and loving and taking pride 

in the things I do, in helping and in 

exposing myself 

to those vulnerable and in need. 

So yesterday I took public transport to the Avondale markets where I saw a group of disenfranchised supermarket workers and one thing lead to another and just like how Jesus turned his body into bread, and he spread his love for the people all around, feeding the hungry poor and healing the sick, lame and blind, so I exposed myself to a crowd of senior citizens. 


People have shared with me thirty-four true stories 

in the category of I Love to Expose Myself 

but it’s not enough for love of the people. 

If I board a flight to Christchurch and you invite me over and then we smoke e-cigarettes then eat cheese-and-onion sandwiches, that’s similar to the way Coltrane used to play, so I will 

masturbate quietly to the sounds of George Michael 

in the international flavours section of Pak’nSave, 

taking pride in the world and in myself 

for love and solidarity 

of the people. 


I don’t want to expose myself to the bourgeoisie at their Pokémon parties. I just want to Reclaim my Inner Self so that I can express my love for the people and Overcome the Fear of ‘Putting Yourself Out There’. I want to expose myself just like Sharon Mesmer did when she turned up to a fawn party on the White House lawn as a clown-deer who later committed suicide. ‘If my poetry aims to achieve anything,’ says the late Sexually Emancipated Communist, ‘it’s to deliver people from the limited ways they expose themselves in grocery stores, in RotoVegas, or in Queenstown or Rainbow’s End, 

for love.’ 


Just like when a snail falls in love with a tape dispenser 

or when Justin Bieber gives out dating advice 

I will become a beacon of hope for the people because I love myself, and I love the people, so much that even supermarket checkout workers or P cooks or plant managers can see how we could be together as one 

in exposing ourselves 

as nakedly as we can.