In and out of taxis

by Henrietta Bollinger

Who was helping you? 

Was she your mother / carer / sister / aunt?/ Was he your father? 

It is nice you live with your parents / amazing you live alone 

You are a smart / brave / good girl 

My sister / brother lives here but not / but also / our parents. 

I came to study business / commerce / have a better life. 

I go / won’t go back/ I go back sometimes / hope I go back. 

Does your father like daughters? 

I have sons. The bread is always gone. If I had daughters they would share with their mother. 


Your wheelchair is so heavy / different / interesting. 

You had an accident? / Were born like this? 

I’m sorry. 

You are a smart / brave / good girl. 


Why do you have this wheelchair? 

I take other wheelchairs. Other wheelchairs are easier for you. 

I was an engineer / studied psychology but here no, I drive taxis. 

You saw the rugby / the cricket / the election? 

At university in Korea I studied German too. 


Born ’n’ bred. They had cabs here in 1840. Horses. 

You are lucky to live here. 

This country is going to hell in a hand-basket. 

People think talkback radio hosts are their friends. 

You are a smart / brave / good girl 


This is a Punjabi song. He sings he loves her more than the moon. 

Do you have a boyfriend yet? Sometime you will find him. 

You remembered! Nobody knows how to say my name, my friend. 

Jesus / Stem cell research will change your life. They can already print you a liver! 

You are a smart / brave / good girl. 

That’s $29.90.