Published 30 May 2019


A pile of things we unwished, Tim the Tool-Man Taylor, a sea of microplastics, an ancient admin job, titillated architects, a fridge stacked with Mountain Dew, memes for anxious teens, a template for modern living, palms read as roadmaps, the forgotten MH370, realising we are in a snowglobe: this is issue five.

Partnering with Wellington creative media collective Mouthfull Productions, Mimicry presents a high-octane issue of electric art, poetry, prose, photography and music from some of Aotearoa’s best emerging artists.

Contributors include: Eliana Gray, Sean Hartery, Alisdair Armstrong, Molly Robson, Rhys Feeney, Erik Kennedy, Tyler Barrow, Carolyn DeCarlo, George Turner, Joy Holley, fleshy.disguise, Georgie Johnson, Sara Cowdell, Ursula Le Sin, Malibu Stacy, BIGSWEAT, O & the Mo, Gangster Phanny, H4LF CĀST, Vanessa Crofskey, Madshrew, Rebecca Hawkes, Jessica Lim, Robbie Motion, Briana Jamieson, Wes Lee, Jordan Hamel, Carter Imrie-Milne, Adam Price, Liv Gallagher, Michaela Keeble, Rose Peoples, Flynn Gough, Catriona Britton, Caroline Shepherd, Curtis Mills, Jane Arthur.

Mimicry 5 PDF